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I am a Full Stack Software Developer by day and a Teaching Assistant for a Full Stack Code Camp by night. I am committed to writing clean, maintainable, testable, scalable and production ready code for large scale applications. Prior to switching my career to tech and programming, I helped create a startup company from the ground up, turning it into one of the top performing oilfield service companies in the Rocky Mountain Region, securing contracts with top oil producers in North America. In my free time I enjoy drumming, skating, archery, concerts, learning martial arts and traveling. Let me bring my zest for life, passion for programming, desire to help others and a determination to see business thrive to your team!


Software Developer - TeqTank

Fri Jul 01 2022 - Present

  • Software development and maintenance for clientele
  • Learning Angular and improving on TypeScript
  • Style architecting software platform pages and modules to modernize and streamline performance

Full Stack Instructional Specialist - 2U | edX (University of Denver)

Tue Aug 31 2021 - Present

  • Full Stack Flex Web Coding Bootcamp via Trilogy a 2U company
  • Assist Lead Instructor with course module objectives and class content
  • Mentor, encourage and support students with their activities, assignments and projects

Software Developer - Perfectly Posh

Sat Jan 01 2022 - Wed Jun 29 2022

  • Responsible for maintaining and creating client and customer-facing features
  • Create designs, edit layouts as well as implementing provided XD/Figma designs
  • Perform peer code reviews, follow coding standards and best practices, document code changes, configuration and test cases for code

Full Stack Software Developer - Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine

Fri Oct 01 2021 - Wed Jun 29 2022

  • Platform development using MongoDB, Express, React and Node (MERN Stack)
  • Create wireframe designs with AdobeXd to reduce project production time
  • Assist with NoSQL database creation

Wellsite Manager - Total Depth Well Services

Sun Jan 01 2017 - Fri Feb 28 2020

  • Operated production facilities including Treaters, Oil LACT Units, Program Logic Controllers (PLC), Charge Pumps, Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESP), Jet Pumps, Pumping Units, Central Tank Batteries (CTB) to ensure optimal production and minimize downtime
  • Efficiently managed flowback operations and crews during coil tubing, workover rig, frac operations with a proactive approach to ensure HSE best practices

Frontend & Wordpress Developer - Amari Consulting

Fri Jan 01 2016 - Sat Dec 30 2017

  • Developed Front End content for several client websites, while pair programming with backend developers to launch websites
  • Revamped Frontend/ Photoshop content for Amari Website and client web project

Operations Manager, Business Developement, HSE & HR - PSI Energy Production Services

Sat Dec 01 2012 - Wed Jun 29 2016

  • Attained dozens of MSAs with oil companies that generated 1.5 million dollars in revenue within the first 6 months of startup
  • Managed client projects, crew schedules, and oversight of multi million dollars in company assets
  • Conducted interviews, hiring and new hire orientations
  • Created company policies including Behavioral Based Safety Program, Code of Conduct, Benefits and Probationary Period Policies
  • Created all internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), strategic marketing materials and company website


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Project 1 of 15: Slack Clone

Full Stack App - Slack Clone built with React, Redux, Styled Components & Firebase Hooks functionality and user authentication via gmail deployed to Firebase.

Project 2 of 15: React Employee Directory

Employee directory using Random User API & React Hooks to filter and sort employees by name and other categories.

Project 3 of 15: Random User Directory

Random User Directory utilizes React Hooks to filter and sort members by first and / or last name. The member data is retrieved using an HTTP request to the Random User API.

Project 4 of 15: Gatsby's Pizza

A Modern Pizza Website (Search, Add to Cart & Checkout) featuring a frontend build with Gatsby, React and a Sanity backend. Themed from The Great Gatsby, a 1925 novel by American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Project 5 of 15: The Chopping Block

Interactive meat market to order and track inventory in a realtime database. App is built with React and utilizes a firebase auth for Github, Twitter or Facebook.

Project 6 of 15: PWA Budget Tracker

PWA Budget Tracker application that allows for offline access and functionality. User will be able to add expenses and deposits to their budget with or without a connection.

Project 7 of 15: Workout Tracker

User can view, create and track daily workouts, by logging multiple exercises in a workout on a given day. The app will track the users the name, type, weight, sets, reps, and duration of exercise.

Project 8 of 15: Work Day Scheduler

Simple calendar application that allows a user to save events for each hour of the workday. This app will run in the browser and feature dynamically updated HTML and CSS powered by jQuery.

Project 9 of 15: Note Taker

Easy to use note taking application using an Express back end to connect to the input data on the front end. Uniqid was used to generate unique IDs, and fs and path dependencies.

Project 10 of 15: Employee Management

Content Management System - Database solution for managing a company's employees using node, inquirer, and MySQL.

Project 11 of 15: Weather Dashboard

Weather dashboard that runs in the browser, utilizes Third-party APIs and features dynamically updated HTML and CSS. Search for any city and view a current and anticipated 5-day weather forecast.

Project 12 of 15: Team Profile Generator

Node.js command-line application that takes in information about employees on a software engineering team, then generates an HTML webpage that displays summaries for each person.

Project 13 of 15: README.md Generator

Command-line application that dynamically generates a README.md file from user's input

Project 14 of 15: JavaScript Quiz

Timed JavaScript Quiz featuring questions on fundamentals. Answer 10 code related questions within 200 seconds. Each question can only be answered once and a wrong answer will subtract 10 seconds off the countdown timer.

Project 15 of 15: Password Generator

User will follow prompts to generate a random password. The randomly generated password will feature a combination of numbers, upper and lowercase letters and special characters.


Full Stack Engineering - University of Utah

Sun Nov 01 2020 - Sun May 30 2021

  • Academic GPA = A+
  • Built full-stack projects with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Express, React, Node, MySQL, MongoDB

Front End Engineering - The Iron Yard

Sat Apr 01 2017 - Tue May 30 2017

  • GPA A+, Scholarship Recipient
  • Created front-end projects with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React

Bachelor of Music Performance - University of Wyoming

Fri Aug 01 2003 - Thu Dec 13 2007

  • Academic GPA = 3.9
  • Scholarship Recipient, Dean's List Honor Roll


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